Oh hai! So you wanted to know more about this blog, eh? You came to the right page!

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Well, I am Dre and I love to read. I challenged myself to read 100 books for 2013 and so far, according to Goodreads (05/19/13), I am right on track! I will be posting about the books that I have read this year on this blog, talk a little bit about it, sort of a review. You may find book promos and book recommendations from time to time, too.

Now, I am a casual reader, so I read different genres of books. On this blog, you will mostly find romance novels, dystopian series, mystery, paranormal, fantasy, etc. I usually stay away from erotica, but I do read new adult books, too.

How do I review and rate books?
Unlike most reviewers who are very hardcore, I usually write reviews based on how I felt while reading the book. I don’t really nitpick on how it was written, like if there are so many misspellings, or bad grammar. If I can understand what it means and if it touches my heart, then that is enough for me.

If you want to recommend some books, just drop me a comment!

P.S. My reviews are free. I don’t get paid to do any book reviews.

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